Never worry about pest control again.  

NeverPest strives to provide you with accurate information about many common pests that people encounter.  

We cover identifying signs of pests—something many homeowners are not as aware of as they should be.  In some cases, identifying evidence of pest activity early enough can save your home and save you money.  

We also have information on conducting your own pest inspections and explain what a professional will look for.  We go into detail about methods of pest prevention and treatment, ranging from humane animal trapping methods to insect extermination using organic substances or chemical pesticides.  

Our goal is to provide you with enough information so that you can make a decision that you feel good about when dealing with any type of pest.

Please write to us via our contact form or participate in our comments section at the end of our articles if you have any questions or pest control tips of your own to share.  

This is a community of people from various walks of life.  Homeowners, renters, gardeners, farmers, and even museum staff gather here to learn about and share their own pest control strategies.  Feel free to join the discussion!

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