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Squirrel Poop Identification – Health Risks, Diseases & Dangers of Squirrel Feces

Found squirrel poop in your yard?CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! Squirrels are unique animals in that they eat their own poop for nutrients. Therefore, they only poop at night and in isolation, since they do not want anyone to know about the position of their food. In fact, squirrels are so good […]

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What Does A Tick Look Like

Need professional tick control?CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! Ticks are often mistaken as ordinary insects by most of us, however they belong to the arachnids specie, which also includes spiders, mites and scorpions. Ticks are parasitic in nature and require a host to live on. Like many parasites, ticks are notorious for […]

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The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Mice Fast & Cheaply

Need professional mouse control?CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! Some people love mice as pets, but those who do not call mice pests. These tiny rodents love invading homes and buildings of all kinds even if you dwell in them. For this reason alone is why you must keep homes and buildings tidy. […]

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How to Keep Bats from Hanging Outside Your House

Want to keep bats from hanging outside your house?CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! Getting rid of bats outside your home may increase other pests they are famous for controlling. They are known for eating thousands of pests like the mosquito. However sometimes they choose places to live that are just too close […]

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Pest Dropping Identification Guide – The Real Scoop on Poop!

You’ve been hearing a squeaking sound in the walls, a crunching noise from the attic, or the scuttling of tiny feet whenever you flick on the lights in the basement. So you get a flashlight and work up your nerve to see what has made its way into your home. There is no sign of […]

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