Killing moles with marshmallows only attracts MORE animals

Many people claim marshmallows kill moles. If your yard gets to this point, it might be worth trying marshmallows.

Using marshmallows to kill moles sounds nuts, but it might work. Moles supposedly can’t digest some ingredients (specific emulsifiers) in marshmallows. Based on this, some folks claim that if a mole eats a marshmallow, that mole’s digestive system should theoretically get blocked and eventually cause the mole to perish. In this article we’ll explain where…

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Will Rats Attack or Bite Humans? (& Are Rats DANGEROUS?)

Many people are afraid of rats and with good reason. With a history of spreading disease and leaving destruction in their wake, they are hardly a welcomed sight in a household. Add to this the fact that there is no telling how many may be lurking unseen for every rat that you do see. And…

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How to get rid of bats outside your house (Bat removal tips)

Getting rid of bats outside your home may increase other (more annoying) pests because bats eat thousands of bugs, including mosquitos. Sometimes, however, bats choose to live in places too close to our homes for comfort. Beyond their seemingly spooky swooping, bats can also carry diseases. When more and more bats start hanging out near…

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Lizard Repellent (Top 12 natural & chemical deterrents)

Though lizards are mostly harmless reptiles, some people try to employ lizard repellents to keep lizards away from their homes or yards. Before trying lizard deterrents, however, you should ensure you remove common lizard attractants, if feasible. For example, some lizards enjoy being close to water. People living in tropical or desert areas of the…

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When Do Squirrels Have Babies & Typical Squirrel Nesting Behavior

Wondering when squirrels have babies? Or what their typical nesting behavior is? We will explain squirrels’ life cycle. What exactly are squirrels? Medium-size rodents you find climbing up trees, picking acorns up off the lawn, snacking on bird seeds from feeders and chasing each other around from time to time are Squirrels. You can find…

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