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Armadillo Repellent & Deterrent Reviews – Ultrasonic, Liquid & DIY Remedies

You can repel and deter armadillo effectively!CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! They burrow, they dig through your garden, they get into spoiled fruit in the compost pile and spoiled meat from the trash can. Armadillos are a menace when you are attempting to keep a neat and orderly yard. You can try […]

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armadillo bite

Do Armadillos Bite People or Pets? Do They Carry Diseases?

Need to remove armadillos safely?CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! The armadillo looks incredibly clumsy carrying around that protective shield of armor. The truth is they are quite the athletic animal. They are creative runners, swimmers, and diggers. When underwater they can hold their breath approximately six minutes and with their pig-like snout […]

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How to Trap an Armadillo – Good Bait & Trapping Tips

Need to trap an armadillo without fail?CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! The armadillo is one of the superstars of the household pest world. Weighing in at a hefty 10 to 15 pounds, the armadillo makes a formidable foe for the homeowner, gardener, or business owner trying to keep their property free of […]

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How to Get Rid of Armadillos & Keep Them Away

Get rid of armadillos and keep them away!CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! Armadillos are adorable mammals that can weigh between three ounces and one hundred twenty pounds depending on the length, which can reach up to almost sixty inches long. The omnivore creatures can live up to fifteen years and love dinning […]

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