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You may have a fear of a bat flying through the air and suddenly swooping at you to grab a taste of your blood, but bats are mammals that have a diet that consists of seventy-percent insects which makes bats an excellent natural repellent to have in your back yard during mosquito season.

Bats diet consist of fruits and nectar from plants as well and due to their carnivorous nature, these small blood-sucking mammals love dining on birds, frogs, lizards and sometimes even small cattle on farms. It is very rare for bats to dine on humans, but one of the many reasons you might want to repel them away is to prevent bat bites.

Why would you want to prevent bat bites?

In general, bats are harmless to humans, but some can carry diseases which can spread from animals too humans and are known as zoonoses. Zoonoses are viruses and bacterial infections such as the Australian bat lascivious, Leptospirosis infection, salmonella poisoning, Histoplasmosis disease, the Hendra virus and Rabies. Most of these viral and bacterial illnesses you can contract from bats and other animals bitten by an infected bad can be treated, but some can also be fatal. The good news is the chances of being bitten by a bat are extremely low, which leads to the other reason why people may want to repel bats.

What is the other reason for people wanting to repel bats?

The other reason people want to repel bats is simply the fear of them. Some people are superstitious and believe that if bitten by a bat they will turn into a vampire, which is simply false information. You will still be human if bit and most likely just need a medical treatment from the hospital. Other people just want to repel them away from biting their cattle or away from nesting in their attics, garages, sheds, barns and chimneys.

What are some bat repellents that people claim work?

There are many ways to deter bats. Some are home remedies while other repellents are simple electronic devices. The types of repellents you can try out are listed below. Keep in mind, some are more effective than others and that some people swear by them while others say bat repellents are ineffective:

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Naphthalene Crystals:

This type of repellent is actually a pesticide that you sprinkle in the areas you wish to keep the bats from, but you will need to replace the crystals every couple of weeks since they do dissolve over time and disappear.


One of the best remedies for preventing bats is fiberglass. Fiberglass is irritating to bats sensitive skin, which is why it is effective for keepings bats from attics and crawlspaces in buildings and homes.

Bright Lights:

Not only do vampires hate bright lights, but bats do as well. If you want to keep bats away from a particular area keep a bright light of some sort shining at all times. One of the best kinds to use is solar powered motion sensor kind that will not run up your electricity bill since it uses energy from the sun and only turns on when a bat flies at it.

High-Frequency Repellents:

Just as dogs can only hear dog whistles, bats can only hear high-frequency sounds from an electronic bat-repelling device. Placing these devices around your home or the area you want to keep them from is a sure way to keep these flying mammals at a distance.

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One of the best temporary solutions for repelling bats until you find a more effective one when you are in a pinch is ammonia. Spraying an area with ammonia that the bats are hanging out in will sure cause them to fly away to a new location since they hate the smell of it. Pouring ammonia in jars and placing those jars in areas you wish to repel the bats also works.

Peppermint Oil:

Planting peppermint plants or spraying peppermint oil around a home or area you desire to repel the bats from is one of the most natural and effective remedies to use. Bats do not like the menthol aroma that comes off the peppermint because it burns and stings their skin and eyes. If you cannot find peppermint oil, other mint essential oils and plants to use are wintergreen, spearmint and chocolate mint.

Chimney Covers:

If you are trying to repel bats from your chimney it is wise to consider using a chimney cover to help prevent bats from nesting inside of it when it is not in use. You can get chimney covers at home good stores or fireplace shops. Masons or chimney sweepers may also be able to help you install one too.

Fix Cracked Windows and Walls:

If you have cracked windows that need replacing or walls or areas with small cracks it is wise to replace the windows and fill the small holes so bats cannot get into your home or business building and invade your space.

Are there reasons you would not want to repel bats?

If you are, one that wants to repel bats it is also important to know the reasons why it is helpful to keep them around. Bats are not only helpful for repelling insects away naturally and keeping the insect population in check, but they also help pollinate plants and keep the plants of Mother Earth Growing. Maybe instead of repelling these creatures away out of fear you can place bat houses along your property line instead. This will help keep them at a distance and give them their own space to live and be happy. You will also help encourage the repopulation of them since some types of bats are soon to be gone from this world. We need bats to keep our insect population under control and help grow plants we need for food. Bats are a huge part of our ecosystem.

What to do If a Bat Bites You?

Whatever your reason is for repelling bats the remedies and devices you just learned about should help. Remember, though, bats are unlikely to bite you or harm you. Bats are here on the planet to do more good than harm so encouraging their population is a good thing, but if you are absolutely terrified of these flying creatures with wings, fang-like teeth for eating fruits and insects and tiny furry bodies than by all means repel away. If you do become bitten by a bat, which again is extremely unlikely, you do need to visit a hospital right away for proper treatment since some do carry deadly diseases.

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