How Much Does A Bed Bug Treatment Cost? (Tips for LOWER Prices)

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Typical bed bug treatment cost catches quite a few home owners or business owners (especially hotels) of guard.  Most people don’t plan on getting a bed bug infestation, therefore treatment prices are usually much higher than planed on. 

Cimex lectularius more commonly known as bed bugs, are nefarious little insects and a bed bug infestation can wreak havoc on households, meaning a swift response from pest control. Even the slightest bed bug problem can soon become a nightmare.

Adult bed bugs can lay eggs into the mattress or mattress encasement, bedding, furniture, cracks and crevices, and almost anywhere else that the tiny critters can hide.

With their unique capability of being able to feed on their hosts without any perceptible notice, a multitude of health effects may arise without immediate detection making early bed bug detection essential. Some of the more critical health effects include things like allergic symptoms, psychological symptoms, and a range of skin rashes featuring various degrees of size, shape, and color.

The presence of bed bugs can prove to be frustrating to household owners, as a litany of symptoms and signs may be present although the confirmed diagnosis of an infestation can only be arrived at with actual visual detection. In cases like this, it is imperative to contact pest control as a bed bug exterminator to ensure bed bug control.

Bed bugs have been in existence for thousands of years until the 1940s when they were categorically and systematically eradicated in developed parts of the world. However, since then, bed bugs have increased in pervasiveness and have been on the rise for decades.

DIY Bed Bug Treatment Approaches

Treating an infestation of bed bugs can successfully be done using a variety of techniques. Those methods yielding the highest degree of efficacy are a result of a multi-prong approach that uses one, two, or three proven methods for bed bug elimination. The reasoning behind the effectiveness of multi-prong approaches is that bed bugs are creatures that are highly resilient and extremely evolved.

Bed Bug

While one eradication method such as bed bug sprays or use of common elimination chemicals may wipe out the majority of bed bugs, there still might remain a large portion of immune bugs that were unaffected by the treatment method. A multi-prong approaches range of eradication methods will successfully ensure that the entirety of bed bugs is wiped out.

A do-it-yourself approach utilizinga range of chemicals and bed bug sprays may prove to be effective in terms of bed bug elimination, but it should be noted that these treatment methods are hazardous to the health of not only adults but also children and pets. As such, alternative methods should be considered, including hot-air steaming and the highly effective compound known as Diatomaceous Earth, which is all-natural, safe for human environments, and highly effective at eliminating the presence of bed bugs.

Professional Approaches

Despite the availability of do-it-yourself methods that yield high degrees of efficacy, the best-known most effective method for successfully eliminating bed bug populations is via the hiring of a professional exterminator company that utilizes heat treatment methods, among other deadly methods for the bed bugs.

Heat treatment is a relatively new advancement in the extermination of bed bugs that arebeing incorporated by increasing numbers of extermination companies every day. Heat treatment of bed bugs involved using a high-tech, performance-driven high-heat treatment that utilized specialized equipment within your home to heat areas to above 120-degree temperatures and kills bed bugs in every nook, cranny, and facet they may be hiding in.

bed-bugs removal

Unfortunately, there is an abundance of extermination companies that do not offer heat treatment removal methods for bedbugs. A costly measure, heat treatment has proven to be out of many consumer budgets and, as a result, is not as ubiquitous as other extermination measures offered by extermination companies.

While not as effective or safe as heat treatment, many extermination companies offer integrated pest management, known as IPM, that employs a combination of preventative and chemical sanitation measures to mitigate impacts on health and the environment. This method is far more budget-friendly than heat treatment as is a popular approach for individuals looking to exterminate bed bugs in a cost-effective manner.

Structural fumigation is a last resort option for many households. A highly inconvenient method, this bed bug removing technique requires vacating your home for several days while your home undergoes extensive measures and is thoroughly infused with gases that permeate under floors, behind walls, and within nooks and crannies.

Regardless of the method employed, using a professional extermination company is a costly venture that will often require multiple return visits for follow-up treatments. These follow-up treatments are requiredto completely eradicate a home of bed bugs and will drive up the price of your extermination expenditure greatly.

Exterminating bed bug populations will almost always prove to be a challenging endeavor that is time-consuming and requires significant effort. However, eradicating your home of the presence of bed bugs can successfully be done while mitigating high-costs, effects on health, and the degree of inconvenience you experience. Read on below to view an easy-to-read chart that details the pricing and pros and cons of different DIY* and professional bed bug extermination methods so that you can make the most informed choice best for your specific needs and budgetary constraints.

DIY And Professional Bed Bug Extermination Information Chart





Hot-air steaming

Varies (costly)
Varies (costly)
Safe for human health, children, pets, adults. Highly effective, chemical-free treatment
Safe for human health, children, pets, adults. Highly effective, chemical-free treatment

Costly measure used in conjunction with other treatment methods. May require multiple treatments

Varies (costly)
Safe for human health, children, pets, adults. Highly effective, chemical-free treatment

Bed bug sprays and chemicals

Varies (highly affordable)

Cost-effective method that can be performed yourself or through professional services. A wide range of products are available on the market for this method

Bud bug sprays feature a host of chemicals that are toxic and hazardous to adults, children, and pets. Areas within homes must be thoroughly aired out and wiped down

Diotomaceous Earth


Natural method of bed bug extermination that is effective and user-friendly as well as highly-affordable

Requires multiple treatments, basic research, sprayer tools, and mask

High-heat treatment
High-heat treatment
$2000 to $4000
$2000 to $4000

Desirable high-tech, high-performance bed bug eradication method that heats thehome to 120 degrees and higher to completely kill bed bug populations.

 Safe; proven effective

Expensive treatment method that is out of the range of many consumer budgets 

Requires professional expertise

Difficult to find extermination companies offering this method​

High-heat treatment
$2000 to $4000

Integrated Pest Management Approach


A more affordable option that high-heat treatment and a safer option than the traditional use of bed bug sprays and chemicals.

Budget-friendly; mitigates the risk on health and the environment

This approach encompasses multiple methods at bed bug extermination. Some methods may feature the presence of sprays and chemicals that are undesirable for some individuals seeking a more natural approach that doesn’t pose any harm to human health

Structural fumigation

$4.00 to $7.50 per square foot

Highly effective means of extermination via a thorough infusion of gas throughout homes

Inconvenient; requires entire households to vacate the property for days as treatment is performed and the home is subsequently aired out

Tips for Reducing the Price of Bed Bug Treatment 

Always get more than one quote if you are seeking professional bed bug treatment.  I would typically recommend getting no less than three quotes.  Then take these three quotes and investigate the bed bug companies further.  

Ensure they have necessary state or local qualifications to conduct bed bug extermination.  Also, be sure they have the proper experience, and track record of treating other people’s homes and businesses for bed bugs successfully.

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