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How to Get Rid of Seagulls & Seagull Nest Removal

Get professional seagull helpCLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! The beach is a beautiful place to relax and spend the day or even a long vacation, but not when seagulls are bombarding you. If you have a beach home or resort that you are trying to rid seagulls from because they have become […]

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Do Pigeons Ever Fly at Night? Where do They Go & Do They Sleep at Night?

Do you have pigeons problem?CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! One question that many people coping with pigeons frequently ask is “Do pigeons fly at night?” Because pigeons are usually noticed during the daytime, it’s logical to assume that they are usually active during the day. This is usually true, unless they were […]

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Crow Deterrent & Repellent Tips – Sprays, Sounds & Devices to Keep Crows Away

Deter and repel crows effectively!CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! Crows are most seen as a nuisance, but they are in fact an intelligent and resourceful bird. The can adapt to their environment quickly and learn new skills to enable them to get at food sources. The crow is a very social bird […]

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Best Woodpecker Deterrent – Homemade Repellents & Sprays to Keep Them Away

Need to repel woodpeckers and keep them away?CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! You are trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning or trying to relax in your own backyard when you hear that dreaded sound: the rat-a-tat-tat of the woodpecker hammering holes into the siding or your house or the trees […]

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How To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers – Humane Control Methods

Want to get rid of woodpeckersCLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! Woodpeckers are wild birds that live in woodlands and forests mostly, but some species enjoy treeless areas too. In fact, there are species that live in deserts and rocky hillsides. The bird is part of a family that consists of two hundred […]

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