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Termite Fumigation process

How Much Does Termite Fumigation Cost? 7 Tips to Lower Fumigation Price

Termites, pesky little creatures that can create catastrophic damage to any home’s structure, are one of the biggest fears of a homeowner.  A termite infestation can create thousands of dollars of damage in your house without you knowing that it’s happening—before you pay a professional pest control company for termite treatment and termite control.  Termites […]

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inspection cost

How Much Does A Termite Inspection Cost? Inspection Price Guide & Tips.

The Formosan subterranean termite—one of the biggest fears of any homeowner is the risk of a termite infestation, the costs associated with dealing with termites and termite control, and the repairs that would be necessary because termite damage can be extreme. But there are measures that you can take to help prevent those unwanted pests and […]

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Termite Extermination Tips

Termite Extermination Tips – DIY & Professional Termite Removal Methods

Drywood termites, or more specifically, Subterranean termites are responsible for upwards of 90% of the infestations in the United States. Integral parts of nature’s food chain, termites are tasked with creating humus soil from dead rotting trees and other rotten material. Benevolent little insects, termite activity only becomes destructive after making their ways into human […]

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White Ants Pest Control Guide

White Ants Guide – Difference between Termites & White Ants

Subterranean termites are known throughout the world with an array of monikers, such as termites, woodworms, wood ants, and white ants. While the United States typically terms these ubiquitous insects as termites, many other countries in the world refer to them as white ants.Despite their name, white ants are not eponymous insects. In fact, they […]

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Bed Bug Infestation

Best DIY Bed Bug Inspection Methods & Professional Bed Bug Detection

Cimexlectularius and Cimex Hemipterus… they are the stuff of nightmares and something our mother’s always hoped that wouldn’t bite us as we slept tight. We are talking, of course, about the bed bug, horrible insects that, should a bed bug bite for a little tasty blood meal, it is time to take swift action with high […]

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