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Small tiny lizards that you find in southern climates of the world are geckos. Geckos love living in warm tropical climates because the insect population is extremely high and they have plenty to feast upon. Unfortunately, if you have an old home or one with insects invading it, it can also attract geckos creating another pest problem for you.

Sometimes geckos aren’t invading your home because it has an insect infestation, but because the land surrounding you is plentiful with decaying trees and other matter the geckos are attracted too. These reasons mentioned are why people are looking for solutions to deter the geckos away from their space.

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What exactly are geckos?

Geckos are lizards that do not have the ability to blink so to keep their eyes clean they lick them which also helps keep them moist instead of drying out and becoming irritated. Surprisingly, these lizards have incredible eyesight during the night because their eye lenses contain iris that are capable of enlarging and that helps allow more light into their eyes so they can see more while hunting for insects at night.

An interesting fact you may not know about geckos is they have their own language that involves chirping noises to communicate with all their other gecko members.

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There are over 1,500 different kinds of geckos world wide and you can usually find them climbing on trees, within bushes and feeding off insects wherever there is a large population of them. Geckos even come in several different colors and patterns and shed their skin often.

The size of these reptiles can reach 24 inches long from head to tail and they have long bodies with a tiny head, long tail and small legs and feet similar to frogs, which is why some people think they belong to the amphibian family.

What is the main reason why people want to repel geckos away from their home?

The main reason why people would want to repel geckos away is out of fear. Geckos are not dangerous or poisonous creatures and rarely ever bite unless it is out of fear.

Infect, geckos are more afraid of you than you should be of them. When geckos get scared and want to defend themselves they lose their tails, which do grow back shortly after. Another reason why you might want to repel them away is too simply keep them out of your living or working space.

What are some of the ways you can deter geckos away from your space?

There are several ways you can deter geckos away from your space. One of the most common and sensible ways to keep the geckos out of your home, garage, shed and working space is to make sure all cracks and craves around your home are sealed up properly.

It also helps to store your trash in locked garbage cans outside your home so the geckos cannot get into it and dine on protein rich foods such as tossed out poultry, beef, fish, pork, and eggs.

Some of the ways you can repel these little lizards away are:

  • Taking care of any insect infestations around your home.
  • Spraying insecticides around your yard and foundation to rid the geckos main food source.
  • Introduce a cat too your home since geckos hate cats as much as mice do.
  • Sprinkle mothballs wherever the geckos are entering.
  • Keep your living space cool if possible since geckos are attracted to extreme heat.
  • Spay lizards repellents.
  • Place egg shells around the spots you desire to rid the lizards.
  • Take bird feathers and place them in areas the lizards spend their time and they will leave since they associate feathers with being eaten by birds.

If a lizard does enter your home or working space, you can simply catch it an release it into a new location. There is no reason to kill one of these tiny creatures out of fear or simply wanting to rid it because they do more good to the eco-system than harm.

For example, they keep the insect population down so you aren’t having to deal with an overpopulation of annoying disease-carrying insects such as mosquitoes, killer bees and flies.

So, you should consider yourself lucky if you have a yard full of gecko lizards. They are there helping you out and keeping you from getting eaten alive or bite by biting and stinging insects. I

f you must kill a lizard it should only be to help end suffering if the injury has occurred to them.

Some Natural Gecko Control Methods and Tips

The ways mentioned for repelling and getting rid of geckos are only a handful. Other methods you might consider trying is planting peppermint herbs around your home or garden, sprinkling cinnamon powder around the foundation of your home, spray vinegar in entrance ways since acids sting, or try sprinkling salts in areas they are sneaking into since salt is harsh to their sensitive skin.

However, repelling, deterring and killing methods should be skipped if possible since again lizards do more good than harm to you and our eco-system.

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