How to Get Rid of a Squirrel in Fireplaces & Chimneys (TOP 10 Tips)


Squirrels are one of the most common animals that are found in chimneys. They are great climbers and are capable of getting in and out rather easy. Baby squirrels may have a tougher time of getting in and out of the chimney and could get stuck. This could cause a major problem if they end up falling down into your home or die in the chimney.

As most chimneys are made up of brick, stone or mortar it is easy for the squirrels to get in and out. If you have a slippery interior within the chimney, then squirrels can accidentally fall in and get trapped. A slick metal flue can also cause a squirrel to get stuck in the bottom of the chimney. There are ways to remove the squirrel from the fireplace and prevent them from getting back inside.

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Squirrels Stuck inside the Chimney

Squirrels like getting inside chimneys as it is warm and dry and provides a great escape from the outside weather. However, it can be dangerous for them and a real problem for you. There are ways to give the squirrel a way out such as hanging a rope into the chimney.

Ropes provide a tough and rough surface for the squirrel to climb. They may not leave right away so leave it for several hours and return to check to see if the squirrels left. If not then leave for a while longer or try another method.

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Squirrels Living Inside Your Fireplace

Sometimes squirrels are not stuck in your chimney but just choose to live there and raise their young. You may not be using your chimney much so it can be easy for a squirrel to live in there. This may require you to go to other tactics such as trapping. 

If you are uncertain of what to do you may consider going to the next step. Otherwise place the live traps so you can remove all of the squirrels from your chimney and then take immediate preventive measures to keep them out.

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Call a Squirrel Control Expert

Call upon a wildlife expert who understands how to handle squirrels rather than trying to do it yourself. Some suggestions of letting the animal loose into your to remove it from the chimney is not recommended especially when you don’t know what you’re doing or are afraid to handle the squirrel. The wild animal can be so frightened that it will attack to get out. Avoid letting them into your home on purpose and try other ways to lead them back out the chimney onto the roof.


It is always best to take precaution and prevent squirrels and other animals from getting into your chimney by using a chimney cap. This allows the smoke to escape while protecting the chimney from animals that are searching for a great place to hide out of the cold weather. Caps are inexpensive to purchase and easy to install.

Want to prevent squirrel from entering your chimney?

Don’t continue to listen to the squirrels rustling around in your chimney and don’t leave them in there for too long as they could die if they are stuck. Make sure to take the next step to get them removed so you can move on with preventing the squirrels from entering your chimney.

  • Look down inside the chimney to see if the squirrel may be stuck in the flu or is living inside the chimney.
  • Place a rope down into the chimney tied down to something solid that can hold the rope still.
  • Remove the rope once squirrels are out.
  • Avoid allowing the squirrel inside your home as it can become a dangerous situation.
  • Call upon a professional if you cannot remove them yourself
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