How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies in House Naturally

Cluster flies are similar to common house flies, but they are slightly larger up to 3/4 inches and do not buzz. They travel in packs and live in groups, hence the name. They can live together in groups of hundreds to thousands. They generally stay outside during the warm months, but during the colder months, they will seek shelter in closed areas including homes and any undisturbed areas such as attics and basements. They can find their way into your home, into a wall or chimney if there are cracks and crevices as small as a dime. They can manage to push their way through and nest until the spring.

There are steps to take to keep cluster flies away but if you already have them you will need to take some drastic measures.

How do Cluster Flies Spread?

A female cluster fly can drop her eggs onto rotting leaves or near an earthworms burrow. Their larvae will stay with earthworms until they are adults in about a month and then fly with other cluster flies. The adult flies will feed on flowers and so many eggs could hatch that up to four generations could be hatched each summer. These flies do not cause any harm to any human since they don’t carry any diseases. Yet, they can smell over time if they stick around for a while and they can leave behind a sticky mess.

Cluster Fly Removal

If you have cluster flies in your home you will need to take the steps in getting rid of them. You can either vacuum them up using a shop vac or use insecticide which will kill them immediately. You can use Lambda Star Ultra Cap 9.7 or Cyper WSP to help get rid of cluster flies. The insecticide is odorless and doesn’t leave a stain. You an also use a pyrethrin aerosol that can be just as effective as you spray it within the area that the flies are located. A dust method is also optional. D Fense Dust can be placed into opened areas including crevices and holes before caulking or closing the openings. The dust will fly throughout a short distance to kill off any flies around the area plus prevent any from coming around.

Cluster Fly Prevention Tips

In the Fall take measures to prevent cluster flies from coming around by closing up cracks and crevices that are unnecessary around your home. Check around your window and door frames to make sure there is no way any insect could get in. Seal it up with caulking or make repairs where needed. Use protective screens over vents, the chimney opening, and attic. This will prevent cluster flies from entering your home when all of the holes and cracks are repaired and screens are in place.

Spray the insecticide along the walls and roof of your home or building particularly around doors and windows and any other entry place to help prevent cluster flies from entering. They may choose to land on your home to see if there is an area to start nesting. You want to make sure to remove any debris that has been sitting around your home and either trash it or use it, depending on what it is.

If you have a pile of wood to use for the fireplace then put it at least 20 feet from your home to prevent any type of insects from finding your home desirable. Keep your lawn low along with your bushes and trees trimmed. These are always the best methods to keep your home clean and free from predators, rodents and insects from coming around. Be prepared to smell an odor if you squish a cluster fly. They give off an odor that is rather stinky.

Steps for Cluster Fly Control

Follow these specific steps to get rid of cluster flies:

  • Identify where they are.
  • Spray insecticide where cluster flies hibernating.
  • Place dust in cracks and crevices.
  • Place protective screens in attic and chimney openings.
  • Seal up all cracks and crevice and any holes.


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