How to Get Rid of Flies in Houses & Outside the Home Naturally


Flies can be pesty little insects and are particularly seen outside. They will buzz around your ears and land on your food when having a picnic or barbecue. They can be quite annoying and they carry diseases. If you have your home filled with flies then there is another problem causing them to come around. They love the smell of sweet things and will be attracted to rotting food.

One of the easiest and simplest way of getting rid of flies is to keep your dishes cleaned, trash contained and never leave food out for days. You will find a rather gross site if you continue to leave out food that should be refrigerated. Here are some of the ways to keep flies away or get rid of them.

Remove Food

Clean up and get rid of the things that are attracting the flies. This could be left out food on plates sitting in the kitchen sink or trash sitting for days outside without a lid. Remove all left over food into the trash and place the trash into an air tight trash can. Clean your dishes daily and don’t leave anything sitting out that should be in the refrigerator.

If you have pets then do not leave pet food outdoors. Set a time to feed the animals and then take it away. Flies will gather over the food as they will eat it even if it is dry. Canned food should not be left out for too long even indoors. This could attract flies to come inside.

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Remove Dirty Items

Place dirty towels into a hamper and don’t leave them laying out on the floor. And place any dirty diapers in an air tight container until you are ready to take them out into the air tight trash can.

Make it Dark

Other solutions if the fly problem is really bad is to close up the house from any light. Flies prefer areas where there is light so if you darken your house you will see flies leaving. Close blinds, curtains and windows to make the flies leave. Close the door to any room that is not being used so the fly will not try to enter the room.

Use Household Remedies

Other ideas is to make remedies including a vinegar remedy. Boil malt vinegar in a pot and let it sit for a while as the scent will rise up into the air and deter flies from staying around. Create a vinegar fly trap by cleaning up a jar and fill it in half way with apple cider vinegar and punch holes on the lid of the jar. Make sure that the holes are large enough for the flies to go into but not easy for them to fly out. As they are not very intelligent insects they will not figure out how to get back out. They will die from the fumes of the vinegar. Use a natural toxin with pyrethren spray as there are a number of automatic sprays that will send out bursts every few minutes deterring flies.

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Mix syrup and sugar together of 1/4 cup each as their sweetness will attract the flies. Punch a hole in brown paper and cut into strips. You can hang the paper from the holes around your home where flies are seen most often. Brush the sugary mixture on the strips so the flies will go towards it and stick to them. Another choice of getting rid of flies is using a zapper. Flies will go towards the light and be zapped. These are handy outside by the front and back doors.

Deter Flies with Plants

Place mesh screens on your windows and doors to help keep the flies out. You can also rub remedies on the doors and windows to help deter the flies from coming in. You can use drops of lavender oil or onion juice.

There are plants that can help keep flies away. Mint is a great choice of plant to keep near your front and back doors and even at the windows. Choose potpourri handmade of the items that will prevent flies from coming around such as a mix of bay leaves, clover blossoms and eucalyptus.

Flies are dirty nasty insects that don’t remain still for too long. They bring diseases and spread them fast so it is important to remove them from your home and take all of the precautions to keep them out. There’s no need to waste any time in getting rid of a few flies as if a few want to come in then chances are there will be several more than will come into your home and before you know it they are all over the place.

With these steps your home should be free of flies:

  • Clean up dirty areas in your home and outside.
  • Remove food particles that flies will enjoy.
  • Make homemade remedies to keep flies away.
  • Keep your home dark.
  • Use plants to help keep them away.
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