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Sparrows are beautiful round plump birds with a brownish grey color and short little tails with stubby powerful beaks for eating seeds and insects. You can find this lovely breed of birds in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North America. The birds prefer habitat areas such as grasslands, scrublands, deserts, and woodlands.

These social creatures live in loose colonies, but during their breeding season, they live with their mate in solitary pairs until it is over. After that, it is back to roosting with their mates in all kinds of different tree and bush species that are thick with tons of branches and leaves for bedding reed beds for hiding and nesting.

That said, these birds do love dust bathing in sandy areas within the ground and love scratching dirt with their feet, but they also love bathing in a good watery bath too for some cooling down fun. Unfortunately, some people find these birds to be pests.

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Why do people consider sparrows to be pests?

People consider sparrows to be pests because these birds love living in gardens but also love eating crops, already planted seeds, and digging holes within the soil.

Other reasons why people do not like these particular birds are that their droppings carry diseases and parasites such as:

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  • Fungal infections such as Histoplasmosis, Candidasis, Sarcosporidiosias and Blastomycosis.
  • Bacterial infections such as Salmonella, Paratyphoid, Vibriosis, Listeriosis and Pasteruellosis.
  • Viral Infections such as Encephalitis, Meningitis, Newcastle’s Disease and St. Louis Encephalitis.
  • Protozoal infections such as Toxoplasmosis, Trichomoniasis and American Typansomiasis.
  • Parasite infections and infestations such as bird mites, bed bugs, round worms and tape worm

Another reason people do not like these birds is that they build their nests within their home, sheds and garages and leave their droppings everywhere, which can in fact cause their dogs and cats to get sick as well. Thankfully, there are useful methods people can use to help get a sparrow infestation under control.

What are some of the methods that are useful for control sparrow infestations?

If you are experiencing lots of sparrows making your home their home there are several useful methods you can try. The first method is to try scaring them off using motion sensor water sprinklers or motion lights around your home or property.

Another method some people have found helpful is placing fake owls around their yard among trees since sparrows are terrified of these particular creatures. Sometimes using methods that attract owls into your backyard can be helpful at keeping sparrows away. Some of the ways you can attract owls is by:

  • Leaving grass uncut.
  • Placing bird baths around the yard.
  • Planting trees that owls love such as conifers and deciduous trees.
  • Placing nesting boxes around the yard.
  • Leave dead trees for owls to build homes inside.

Some other methods that work well for preventing sparrow infestations and getting rid of them are:

  • Destroying sparrow nest and eggs.
  • Using bird traps to trap the birds to release the birds elsewhere.
  • Using sparrow repellents such as dust, liquid sprays and gels.
  • Use firearms to shoot and kill the sparrows (only if absolutely necessary).
  • Get some farm cats.
  • Do not place bird feeders outside in the yard.
  • Rake up berries and fallen nuts that attract sparrows.
  • Place netting around gardens, crops, berry bushes and fruit trees.

What are the reasons for keeping sparrows around?

Now that you know some reasons on why people may want to prevent or rid sparrows from their property it is also important to know the beneficial reasons to why sparrows are important to the eco-system.

Even though sparrows can cause a lot of destruction to gardens and homes while carrying harmful diseases and parasites, these feather friends are essential for eating insects, which helps keep the insect population down and under control like many other birds do on planet Earth. 

If you have a huge insect problem in your backyard, you might want to consider leaving the sparrows alone and allowing them to nest away so you will not have to deal with insects creeping you out or snacking on you during mosquitoes season.

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Killing sparrows should be a last resort

Killing any kind of creatures to get rid of them should always be a last resort, which means using methods that kill sparrows should be a last resort you use for getting rid of these birds.

If sparrows become a huge problem for you to get under control, using the methods you have just learned about you can always call in some bird professionals or Fish and Game Services to help you get rid of them properly and safely.

Otherwise, in instances when this breed of bird is not causing destruction or spreading diseases and parasites it is best to leave them alone to do their part in our eco-system.

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