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If you notice large numbers of insects you have around your home especially when you leave the outdoor light on then you probably have some spiders lingering around the home. If you have an infestation of spiders then there is something or a variety of things that are causing them to come into your home. Aside from having plenty of food around with many insects, there could be areas for them to hide and places for them to create webs and lay eggs. Here are some ways to consider getting rid of spiders.

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Seal Up Cracks and Holes

Do an inspection on the outside of your home and repair areas around windows and doors that have cracks and holes with caulking. Replace rotting wood with new wood and if you have siding on your home, then caulk where it may be spreading from the window frame and leaving a gap. Replace torn screens for your windows and doors and with other openings from your chimney and vents place fine mesh insect screens to prevent not only spiders from entering but multiple other types of insects.

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Remove debris from home

By keeping the perimeter of your home clean is one of the more basic things that you can do to help keep all sorts of insects and small rodents from being on your property and entering your home.

Don’t lean wood or pile wood near your home for your fireplace as spiders will hide and make their home in the wood as they prefer areas that are not often disturbed and dark.

Cut trees that are close to your roof and are only feet away from your home. Keep all shrubbery trimmed and branches cut from interfering any wires or satellite dishes you may have on your roof. Any trees that are near windows should also be trimmed. Plants and bushes should be kept several feet away from the home.

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Keep interior clean

Make sure you vacuum weekly and keep your house tidy by removing old newspapers piling up by your door or old magazines that just sit around on your living room table for months and months.

If you have piles of dirty clothes that seem to never get cleaned then you may want to start hanging them up. This is one of the main causes of spiders in bedrooms. Piles of dirty clothes are perfect hiding spots for these little creatures and they can feed off any crumbs or other bugs that are around your home.

Use plastic containers to store away things in your closet and garage instead of cardboard boxes as this will keep air out and will prevent spiders from hanging out on or in the container.

Keep floors not only vacuumed but mopped. Keep counters and tables cleaned from crumbs and spots from drinks.

Apply insecticide

There are several ways to handle spreading insecticide as you determine which one to use. A regular insecticide can be sprayed around windows and doors on the inside and outside. You can use some remedies that many people have tried and seem to work such as horse chestnuts that seem to be a deterrent of spiders. Others to think about are walnuts and osage. They seem to have a toxic odor to spiders and can prevent them from entering your home. You would have to place them in areas you think they are entering.

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Spray peppermint oil mixture around the areas you have noticed spiders most often. Use a bottle of water and pour 20 drops of peppermint oil to make the perfect mixture. You can try tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil that both have the same effect as peppermint oil. Diatomeaceous earth is also considered a great solution in getting rid of spiders in your home and it works for many other types of insects. These are all natural ways to get rid of spiders and prevent them from coming in your home.

Take basic precautions

Turn off your lights at night before going to bed to prevent insects that are attracted to light to come to your home and hang out. This brings spiders as they eat a variety of insects that are attracted to light. Vacuum any spider webs you see in the corners of a room. This may seem very obvious but this can help prevent spiders from laying their eggs for baby spiders to hatch inside your home.

Call upon a professional

A professional insect exterminator may be the alternative you use if you feel there are just too many spiders seen in your home and you can’t seem to get rid of them on your own. In some cases a professional could use a very strong pesticide and will require you to leave the home for several days along with taking your pets and even fish with you as the odor will linger. You can return once the odor and scent is gone and is less harmful to you and your pets.

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