What Cockroaches Can do to Electronics… This is Creepy!

Normally cockroaches will look for secluded and warm areas that are close to food and water to lay their eggs. This is just the environment most electronics provide. Game consoles, in particular, get hot and make them an ideal place for the roach to nest. It is very common for cockroaches to choose a TV, radio, clock, or video game console or any other electronic appliance you own.

These are also a great way for a roach to travel; when appliances with existing nests are sold or taken along when someone travels. They can even move with you when you purchase new appliances that have been stored in roach infested areas.

You can kill roaches in your electronics with a non-chemical method that will not hurt your appliance. Sometimes you have to wait until they leave the device and use an effective insecticide. There are few methods you can try to get rid of the roaches in your electronics.

Using the Cold for Killing Cockroaches

Cold temperatures will kill roaches. When you expose them to temperatures close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of time it will kill them. If the appliance or device the roach has taken residence in is small; seal it in a plastic bag and put it in your freezer for about five days. Keep them in there a full five days or it may not kill all roaches and eggs. If the area you live in has temperatures that fall below this; you can place the bagged appliance or device in an unheated garage or shed.

Before implementing this method; make sure the device can withstand the low temperatures. Electronics with LCD screens cannot and will be damaged if exposed for this period of time. Condensation will also occur in the appliance or device when you bring it back into the warmth. Allow enough time for the item to dry out before operating.

Chemicals for Roach Control

If the appliance or device is too large to place in your freezer or move outside; dusts or baits can be used to kill the roaches. They can also be used in the outlets which the roach has most likely invaded. Dusts containing boric acid, silica dioxide or diatomaceous earth will kill roaches just by their walking through it. If you apply a thin layer where the roach has been seen traveling through your home, under furniture or behind cabinets, they will walk through it. By walking through the dust, it not only kills that roach, but also the ones in the nest it will carry the dust to.

There are bait stations that contain insecticidal gels that encourage the roach to mark the location of it when they discover it. It’s an action they perform to alert other roaches that a food source has been located and lures them to the location. The gel is a slow-acting poison to roaches that will kill them and any that eat their feces or dead bodies. These types of stations should be set near the appliance you suspect is housing roaches.

There are sprays on the market which are insecticidal chemicals of’; permethrin, deltamethrin, cyfluthrin or cypermethrin that will also kill roaches but do not have the same residual effect. It is also not safe to spray an insecticide directly onto an appliance and you cannot spray them into outlets.

There is a product called, Maxforce Gel that works well for appliances. Take a few dabs of the gel and place them around the vents on your device. When the roach comes out to look for food it will find the gel and feed on it. This will start killing the roaches and within 3-5 weeks most of them will be dead. Every couple of weeks renew the gel until you don’t see any more roaches around the device. You should have the problem solved by the end of two months.

Cleaning Your Electronics

When you are certain all the roaches have been evicted from your electronic appliance you need to thoroughly clean it. You want to be certain that all the eggs and feces are removed from the appliance. Unplug it before you begin and don’t use water or liquid cleaners on the device. To clean them you will want to use brushes and soft cloths.

Before attempting to clean the appliance or device make sure you have read your warranty to make sure it does not void by opening it up. You may want to seek professional help in opening some devices as you do not want to damage those that have delicate wiring systems.

Roaches present health problems, contaminate food and in general repulse people. You don’t want them in your house and certainly not in your electronics. Use these tips to make sure you get rid of any of may have.


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