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Crows are highly intelligent birds that some people find a nuisance, which is why finding methods to get rid of the birds is on some peoples to do list. The reasons why people want to get rid of these birds from their yard or place of business are countless, but getting rid of them is difficult because of how intelligent the birds are. In fact, myth has it that crows are smarter then some humans at solving problems, and at times will find tools too use if necessary as part of the solution. Knowing what attracts the birds goes along ways to helping you find the right solutions for keeping them away from your space.

What exactly are crows?

Crows are black birds that are about the same size as pigeons. You can find these birds living in areas of the world such as North America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. One of the most common types of crows you see often is the raven, but there are over forty-two species of crow out there. Sadly, fourteen out of those forty-two are extinct species.

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You can find these birds roosting together in large groups consisting of over two hundred crows in trees, or in areas where food and snacks are easy to access such as around malls, restaurants, backyard picnic areas, dumpsters and garage bins, outdoor shopping centers, bird feeders and birdbaths. The way the birds communicate with one another is by making loud calls to each other. If there is a food source due to someone feeding crows the crows being fed will call out to other crows to let them know to come and eat there as well. Preventing the birds from invading your space, starts by putting up “no feeding signs” around your home or place of business. Other methods that have been useful for people when it comes to getting rid of these black birds are:

  • Removing all sources of water and food they have access too such as bird baths, garbage cans, bird feeders, animal grain feeders and compost buckets.
  • Installing and using a motion sensor noise maker, lighting system or sprinkler system are outstanding methods for spooking the birds away harmlessly.
  • Keep cats and large dogs paroling your space since crows do not like cats or dogs.
  • Use ultrasonic crow repellent.
  • Install bird netting in areas you desire to keep the birds away from.
  • Place bird spikes wherever the birds like roosting.
  • Trapping the birds with crow traps and moving the birds to a new location is helpful for getting rid of them.
  • Use foods that attract purple martins, which are large birds crows dislike.
  • Place scarecrows with reflectors in various areas to harmlessly scare the birds away.

Why people want to rid crows away from their yard or business?

I want to keep crows out of my house.

Since crows, love roosting and hanging out together in large groups their droppings can make a mess and carry potential diseases that can make people and pets sick. Farmers want to keep the birds away because they love dinning on seeds just planted into fields to grow food and snacking on eggs left by chickens, ducks and turkeys. Some crow groups if large enough will even take down a lamb or small pig and feast away on it, which farmers hate and use the method of the scarecrow in pens and near barns to keep the birds away. Fishermen, want too use methods for keeping the birds away to prevent them from stealing their caught freshly caught fish that is not only a food source, but away to earn money for supplying a means of living to their families. Other reasons are that the birds love stealing foods from outdoor sitting areas where people are eating, or the birds are snacking on birdseed in feeders meant to attract songbirds, and sometimes even for superstition reasons. Someone people want to keep them away because they are scared of the viruses they can carry such as West Nile.

Can crows be hunted for a food source?

If crows are overpopulating an area and become a huge nuisance that is not easily solves, hunting the birds and using them as a food source is a helpful method. In fact, one of the tribes that use to hunt and dine on these birds is Curonians. The method most useful for hunting and trapping crows to use as a food source is smoked fish since crows love snacking on fish.

Professional Crow Control

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The methods mentioned may or may not work for you depending on how intelligent the crows are that you are trying to get rid of. If none of the methods work and your crow problems becomes out of control with tons of nesting going on it might be helpful to call in professionals to assist in finding a solution that is safe for you and the birds such as wildlife professionals or fish and game services. Otherwise, crows are overall harmless beautiful birds that simply get a bad rap for the bird that symbolizes death, but it is also important to know that these birds are also the symbol of strength and fearlessness.

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