How to Get Rid of Earwigs Inside & Outside : Control Tips

If you have never heard of an earwig before you may think they are little wigs that go over the ears to keep the ears warm, but that is so far from the truth. Earwigs are actually little insects you can find throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Superstition has it that these long skinny insects crawl into the ears of humans while they are sleeping and that is how the insect got their name, but both those facts are myths. Their scientific name is actually skin wings because they have a pair of pincers on their abdomens and membranous wings with short forewings folded under the first set of wings.

Many people find these insects to be pests because these nocturnal bugs do damage to vegetable, fruit and flower gardens as well as foliage on bushes and fruit trees and beautiful green vines that take years to grow. If able, these insects love making their way into homes and hanging out in kitchen cabinets, the pantry and in grains such as cereals, flours, oats and rice. Farmers hate these insects because they can destroy crops.

Thankfully, there are methods that are helpful when it comes to preventing the insects, or getting rid of them.

What are some useful methods for preventing and ridding earwigs?

When earwigs are not hiding away underneath rocks or logs, or burrowed away in the dirt within the ground, these insects are creepy crawling into homes, onto farms and into gardens to snack away on all kinds of plants, or to lay their eggs wherever they feel is the safest and best spot to do so. Some of the methods for preventing and ridding the earwigs away are by:

  • Keeping outdoor lights off at nighttime when they are not being used at all because these insects are attracted to warm lights.
  • Destroy earwig nest and eggs using sea salt, bleach or pesticides before they create an infestation inside your home.
  • Eliminate places the insects can hide to help keep them out of gardens and large crop fields.
  • Remove old dead logs, brush and piles of leaves from the yard to help prevent them from being attracted to your yard.
  • Spray insecticide around the foundation of your home or areas you desire to keep the insects away from.
  • Plant mint plants around your yard, garden or fieldsKeeping pantry items sealed up in containers or zip lock bags.
  • Repair ripped screens.
  • Fill in cracks and holes with cocking within the foundation of your home, barn, sheds or any other structural place you wish to keep them away from.
  • If you have a centipede infestation get rid of it fast since centipedes tend to attract earwigs.
  • Eliminate high moisture areas on your property and inside your home.
  • Sprinkle caulk dust around entrance ways and along gardens and crop fields to naturally repel the bugs away

Chickens for Earwig Control

There are many methods you can use too prevent and rid earwigs than the ones just discussed. If you have tried some of the methods above and none of them works, you can always do more research to come across some other tried methods that have worked for other people such as getting chickens.

Chickens love eating insects and do wonders for keeping the insect population down within yard and on a farm. Other people have tried spraying pesticides around their home in early spring and summer to help repel the earwigs away to prevent them from even entering onto their property and raising hell.

However, you have to find the method you prefer and works best for you home, yard, garden or crops.


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