How to Get Rid of Grackles

As grackles can harm small to large areas of crops and tend to feed off of areas that have seeds, insects, minnows, frogs and eggs of different animals, they can become nuisances particularly because they tend to travel in large groups. They prefer to stay in colonies so you could find hundreds to thousands of grackles circling your home. Grackles are intelligent and stubborn, and it can take a lot to get rid of from. Here are several steps to take to try to get rid of them from your property.

What is grackles?

Grackles have long dark bills with a long tail. They have deep yellow eyes and dark glossy feathers. They tend to nest in dense pine trees where they are well concealed. They can be found close to water and man-made structures and shrubbery. They can steal food from bird feeders, scaring smaller birds away. They steal food from other birds in general. As they are commonly found in North America, they tend to look for food in residential areas on lawns and farms. They do have predators who they seem to try to stay away from including a Red-tailed Hawk, Cooper’s Hawk, and Short-eared Owls. Predators that will eat grackle eggs include Fox squirrels, snakes and raccoons.

Remove the bird feeder for a while and make sure to use one that goes by weight or has tubes that feed the smaller birds. The small birds such as sparrows and songbirds get scared away from eating the seeds you set out for them. It’s not like you don’t want grackles to eat too, but they tend to move all of the other birds away as they can bully them for more food. Therefore, you will need to take the measures to help allow the smaller birds to eat the seeds but prevent the grackles from getting all of the food. These type of bird feeders will prevent the grackles from trying to eat all of the food from the feeder since they will be too heavy for the weight feeder and they can’t get the seeds from the tubes like the smaller birds can. Bird feeders tend to be one of the main reasons why grackles will come around a home that doesn’t have a crop. You will need to clean up any spilled seeds that have fallen to the ground from the feeder by raking them up. Reduce the amount of seeds you place in the bird feeder so you can maintain a smaller amount of birds near your home.

Getting Rid of Grackles

There are other ways to get rid of grackles that include items that will intimidate the grackles from hanging around. For crops, scarecrows are typically the ideal deterrent. They work particularly with other sorts of deterrents that as a whole makes grackles disappear from the area. Use terror eyes where you can hang them around the crops. The appearance of these balls tend to scare away grackles. Irri tape is another good choice as it is a holographic bird tape. It flashes the sunlight into the birds viewing and blinds them from coming near the crops. It makes noise when it flaps around making enough sound to make the grackles not want to come near it. Use a mega blaster pro that creates a dangerous zone for the birds as it lets out distressed calls, making grackles think that they shouldn’t go around the area as it is dangerous for them. By adding multi-sensory visual effects to your property, you will be able to keep grackles from coming around and feeding off your land.

If these deterrents don’t work for some reason, then you can try making things taste bad to the birds. Bird stop can be sprayed on berries and other fruits to make them taste awful to the birds. If they go to feed into any of your crops they will stop touching the food as they will think it is something else or it simply tastes too bad for them to bother with.

For small crops or gardens, you can use bird netting to help protect the area from these grackles. With the combination of all of these items, you shouldn’t see grackles hanging out anymore. By calling upon a professional, they will simply use the same visual techniques that will keep grackles away. They may be stubborn but with a number of reasons not to come to your property they will disappear.

Once the grackles disappear this doesn’t mean you should remove the deterrents as this can bring back other grackles to the area, and you will start all over again. As they travel in large groups, there will always be a new group of birds you will have to worry about. Take all of the precautions needed to keep them away for healthy growing crops and a nice looking yard.


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