How To Get Rid Of Moles – Extermination & Prevention Tips

You take a step out into your beautiful yard to find dug up holes you think your dog created only to step a little closer to find out it was not your dog at all. Instead, you discover you have mole holes everywhere. The tiny brownish lawn-tunneling rodents with hairless snouts and small little ears with claws that dig massive holes quickly are making channels underneath your lawn straight into your flowerbeds as well as fruit and vegetable gardens and snacking away.

The little buggers are even eating your tulip bulbs and crunching on the roots of your root vegetables, which prevents them from growing. The only thing that comes to your mind when you see all this destruction from such little creatures is its time to get rid of them and quickly. Thankfully, the methods below will help you get started on riding those beings from your yard fast. After all, you will want to get this situation under control as soon as possible since on average one acre of land can support three moles digging holes and snacking away on insects at one time.

Get Some Good Old Fashion Farm Cats

If you really want to repel moles from your yard, get some good old fashion farm cats. Cats are a moles predator and cats will hunt those little creatures done without thinking twice. Some cats even love dinning on these small animals for a source of protein. The scent of cat urine alone is sometime enough to deter moles away from your yard completely, but you are going to need more than just one cat too take on this hole-mole of a situation you got going on. If you are allergic to cats, you can use bobcat urine and spray that around the yard to deter the moles away, but you will have to spray often since the rain tends to dilute it away during storms or raining days.

Place Mole Traps in Mole Holes

Another method that works well for trapping and getting rid of moles are mole traps. However, you do have to dig up where the moles holes are and place the traps in their perfect little channeling tunnels in order to trap these, little 8-inch long critters. If you do not place the traps done far enough in the mole’s hole or place enough of the traps catching a mole this way can be tricky. Then, it is important to check the traps daily for any moles. If there are, collect them wearing gloves and dispose of them off your property. After, go back, fill in all the mole holes, and consider placing mole poison in each on to prevent them from coming back.

Flood the Moles Out

Placing a garden hose down mole holes is another way to flush these tiny rodents out and rid them away. Once you get the garden hose down into the hole, simply turn your water on and allow the water to flood the holes for good twenty-minutes or so. However, if your lawn is too dry this trick might not work so well since the water will just absorb too quickly into it inside of filling up the mole holes and tunnels and flooding it.

Simply Fill the Holes

One of the less destructive and harmless methods to dealing with moles is to simply fill in their holes. Some people go as far as to place a rock within their hole and cover the hole up. Doing this prevents the moles from using their tunnels to get around creating more holes in your lawn and garden areas. Just make sure you bury the rocks well so you do not end up hitting them with the lawn mower.

Place Poison Mole Bait into Tunnels

If you are fed up with your mole situation, and do not care about killing the creatures, mole poison bait is an option you can use. Just place the mole baits into the holes. The moles will become attracted to the bait, try eating and will eventually die. After, you can fill in the holes and go back to helping your lawn or garden become lush and beautiful again. Although, you might want to consider installing some mole deterring ultrasonic repelling devices into your lawn so moles and other small rodents do not return. You can find these at any hardware shop or gardening store. Sometimes even department stores will carry them in their home and garden section.

Hire an Exterminator

When the moles become out of control and start building nest within your lawn or outdoor area and you cannot get rid of them with any of the above methods you can call an exterminator to come rid this annoying problem for you. Exterminators can use methods such as rodent gas bombs to kill the moles inside the tunnels, but this method will have to be used a few times in order to ensure all moles within your lawn are gone. Exterminators will even offer to spray potent whole control mole repellent around your yard, but do not let the pets out afterwards because this stuff is poisonous. Instead, wait until it rains and then allow your furry pals to go out exploring again.

Keep This in Mind for Deterring Moles

There are endless methods out there for getting rid of moles in your yard. You may end up having to try several in order to find the one that is the most effective at riding your mole situation away. Keep in mind too that these small rodents are insectivores, which means they do feast on insects of all kinds. If your yard is full on different kinds of insects, you can be sure these little rodents will be hanging out in your backyard unless you take preventative measures to keep them away. Beautiful lush moist cool soil will also attract them too so make sure you use devices like the ultrasonic rodent devices to repel them away too in order to keep your lawn an gardens beautiful and producing properly.


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