How to Get Rid of Raccoons from House, Yard, and Shed

Raccoons are extremely intelligent creatures that love exploring due to their curious nature. Their curious nature however, is what gets these furry mammals some people call bandits because of all the trouble they can cause around a yard, inside a home, within a picnic area and even on campsites.

These little trouble makers love dumpster diving and will eat any kind of food if its in reach of their little tiny paw like hands that can open up a jar of peanut butter or jelly if this snack of choice is they only thing available too them when their tummies are screaming out in hunger.

For these reasons, people try to find ways to get rid of raccoons from their yard or place of business, but before we get into the methods found the most useful for ridding these creatures away it is time to learn exactly what raccoon are to help better understand them.

What are raccoons?

As mentioned, raccoons are furry mammals that are highly intelligent. These beings are twelve-inches tall and average around forty-inches long while weighing nearly twenty-three pounds as adults. The lifespan of these creatures on average is around three years, but do live longer when in captivity. The furry beings are commonly know as black eyed bandits and this is because of their black circles around their little eyes that looks like a thief’s mask.

The creatures also have long cat like tails with between four to seven black rings around it and a grey fuzzy body with a black snout and dexterous front paws for handling food and climbing. Raccoon are commonly found throughout the United States, but now places in Europe and Japan have begun noticing them living there as well.

What type of habitat do raccoons prefer?

Raccoon prefer living in habitats that are heavily wooded with lots of trees and vegetation surrounding them. They also love being close too water and areas that are easy to dig into the ground to make burrows to live in, or anywhere burrows are abandoned to sneak inside and rest. Most of the time, you can find these creatures nesting in hallow trees, but they can also be extremely adaptable beings which is one of the reasons you can now find them in the suburban and urban areas making their home in people’s homes. In fact, some of the areas inside and outside a home raccoons love living in are:

  • Attics
  • Crawlspaces
  • Barns
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Woodsheds
  • Greenhouses
  • Sewer Drains
  • Workshops
  • Picnic Areas

What are some of the ways you can prevent raccoons from making your home their home?

There are countless ways you can use too prevent raccoon from making your home their home. Some of those ways are:

  • Keeping trashcans sealed up with lids and tightly locked up in sheds or the garage.
  • Always keep outdoor picnic areas clean.
  • Avoid installing doggy doors and remove any that are installed already since raccoon use them as entrances into your home so they can dine in your kitchen or at your pets food bowls.
  • Seal up crawlspaces and attics well.
  • Replace any broken windows.
  • Install motion sensor sprinkler systems to scare raccoons away when they enter your yard.
  • Always keep woodsheds sealed up tightly as well as barn doors when you aren’t in these areas.
  • Seal up sewer drains tightly with proper covers.
  • Place reflectors or motion sensor lights in gardens to spook raccoon away when they try dinning on your vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  • Remove water sources from the yard.
  • Always clean up fallen nuts, fruits, berries and bird seeds from the yard.
  • Avoid hanging bird feeders in easy to reach areas.
  • Always put the grill away after cooking.

What needs to happen in order to remove a raccoon from an area?

If a raccoon ends up making their home inside or around your home it is essential to call Fish and Game to remove them physically from your property. Trying to remove the raccoon or even raccoon from the yard yourself could potentially be dangerous since raccoon could be carrying bacterial diseases or even parasites that can be transmitted to humans and pets. Some of those diseases and parasites are:

  • Roundworm also known as Baylisascaris procyonis
  • Rabies
  • Salmonella
  • Leptospirosis

If you do get bitten by a raccoon while trying to rid and trap it yourself it is extremely importantly to seek medical attention right away since some of these diseases can be deadly without medication. One particular one being rabies. Thankfully, there has only been one known death from a diseased raccoon that has bit a person within the United States. Overall, raccoon do not attack humans and tend to run off when they do come across us.

What are some other ways to keep raccoons away from your home or yard?

Other known methods that help keep raccoon away from your home and yard are raccoon repellent sprays that you can get from garden shops, hardware stores and home improvement stores. Repellents need to be applied properly to your yard or foundation of your home after every rainfall and as instructed on the labels of the bottles they come in for the repellents to work effectively.

However, if you do not like using chemical repellents around your home for repelling raccoon away you could always use electronic repellents that spray water at the raccoon when they enter onto your probably to effectively frighten them away.

Otherwise, raccoon are adorable funny creatures too watch from a distance when you can the opportunity to share a space with them that is in Mother Nature’s woodland areas and not within your home.


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