Lizard Repellent – Natural Methods & Other Solutions

Lizards are harmless reptile creatures that love living in all areas of the world where the sun shines brightly and they can feel the warmth on their little scaly bodies. Lizards particularly love being close to water since they do enjoy a good swim, but many people living in tropical or dessert like areas of the world tend to find these little beings hanging out around swimming pools, in gardens near bird baths or plants that collect rain water well and around fish ponds.

Some lizards love chilling on cool rocks within backyards and will hangout in fruit or vegetable gardens simply because these creatures do love eating their fruits and vegetables and dinning out on insects on occasions. You may even come across one just chilling inside your home if the little buggers are able to find their way into your through holes and cracks within your foundation.

For these reasons alone, people who live in areas where lizards tend to invade their space look for ways to repel them away. Thankfully, there are many methods you can use too help repel lizards away, but it is important to know that lizards are important to the environment since they do eat annoying bugs such as mosquitoes and do tend to keep the bug population under control.

What are some methods to use to repel lizards away?


As mentioned, there are several methods you can use too repel lizards away. A method commonly used by those of honestly fear and hate lizards and are dealing with a lizard infestation is the pouring of bleach over the top of the lizards themselves. Bleach will obviously burn, poison and kill the lizards as well as any eggs that might be within that infester area.


Mothballs is another remedy used to repel lizards away from homes and areas people do not wish to have them near, but again mothballs are poisonous and aren’t exactly healthy for you, the environment or your pets. However, they do work wonders for keeping those scaly scary lizards away from those of you who are fearful of the little guys.

The Lemon Vinegar Cayenne Solution

A solution that is less harmful the environment and too your health and a bit more friendly is the vinegar and lemon solution mixed up with some finely ground cayenne pepper. This solution is typically, sprayed around the foundation of a home or wherever you desire to keep the lizards from hanging out. Lizards hate the smell of the lemon and vinegar solution and the cayenne pepper tends to cause a burning irritating sensation to their skin, eyes and nose when they get too close to it, which deters them away naturally without killing them.

Seal Up Cracks and Holes

If you want to keep lizards out of your house, garage, garden sheds, crawl spaces, basements and tool sheds, it is best for you to seal up any cracks and holes that the lizards are capable of crawling in through. Making sure cracks and holes around windows and doors are sealed up properly with cocking will also keep the lizards out.

Plant Mint Plants Around the House

The smell of menthol coming from mint plants is a scent lizards rarely enjoy so planting these kinds of herbs around your house can help repel the lizards away naturally without causing any harm to them.

Install Bug Traps

One of the main reasons lizards might be attracted to your backyard or hanging out around your home is because the insect population is high. Installing bug traps and removing any bees nest from the house can help keep the lizards far, far away.

Remove Food Sources

Since lizards, love dinning on fresh fruits and vegetables it is important to keep outdoor dinning areas picked up after each meal. Not doing so could cause you to experience an unwanted visitor later on that just might scare or surprise you a bit when you walk into the outdoor area again for cooking up another delicious meal.

Use Glue Board Mouse Traps

This may sound like a silly solution to your lizard problem, but it does work. Sometimes the best way to repel a lizard away is to trap them first with a glue board mousetrap. However, when you end up finding one stuck to the trap it is wise to take the trap to a different location and pour some coconut oil or vegetable on their little feet so they come unglued without being harmed in anyway. However, this method will not prevent more lizards from coming into your yard, but it will catch them so you can physically remove them from your property yourself.

End Thoughts to Keep in Mind for Repelling Lizards

The only true way to prevent and repel lizards in a yard is by keeping their food source down and any shrubs away that they enjoy living within. Otherwise, if you live in an area that lizards do too you are just going to have to learn to live with them and love them, or live with them and deal with them one way or another. Remember, our planet is their planet too.


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