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Arachnophobia is one reason why you just might be looking for some natural ways to repel spiders from you home, but there might be other reasons too. Some of those reasons are you just do not want them in your house or garages, or it could be some in your area are potentially dangerous and poisonous if one bites you.

Some of the most poisonous ones are:

I want to get rid of spiders immediately!

Now, even though these spiders are poisonous some of the chemicals spider repellents are just more poisonous if not more than these spiders themselves. This is why knowing some of the best natural repellents to use would be the best options for you, your family and the pets of the household. Using natural pest control repellents are all safer for the spiders since we do need them in our ecosystem to keep the insect population down.

Essential Oils for Keeping Spiders Away

Spiders are sensitive to particular scents that are strong and overwhelming. Scents they hate most are citrus, mint, lavender and cinnamon ones. This is why the list of pure organic essential oils below works well for repelling these arachnids.

  • Lemon Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Ginger Root Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Citronella Oil
  • Cayenne Oil

Make a Homemade Solution Using Essential Oils that Acts as a Spider Repellent

A homemade natural solution you can make at home using any of the above essential oils from the list is one that involves 50 drops of an essential oil, a cup of organic dish soap and a gallon of water.

You mix these ingredients in a gallon size outdoor sprayer device meant for chemical pesticide application and then you spray it along the foundation, sidings, window trims and entryways of your home or any area you wish to repel the spiders away from naturally. You will have to repeat this solution every two to three weeks to keep the spiders away permanently.

Make Natural Powdered Insect Repellent for Spiders

Another homemade repellant you can make for keeping spiders away is a powdered solution that consist of one pound of ground cinnamon and a half pound of cayenne pepper.

You carefully wearing safety goggles and gloves combine these two ingredients together and sprinkle the mixture around the foundation of your home or near the spider’s entrance way. The smell of these two spices combine together will cause a burning sensation for the creepy crawler and will naturally deter spiders from attempting to enter your home.

Once you are done, carefully sprinkling the repellant around the home, carefully take off the gloves, then your goggles and go wash your hands immediately. Nothing is worse than going to rub your eyes or face with cayenne pepper and cinnamon all over them because it will cause a burning sensation for you too.

Plant Mint Plants around Your Home, Sheds and Gardens

If you are trying to keep spiders out of garden beds, woodsheds and home the best thing you can do is plant herbs belonging to the mint family in heavy amounts around these areas. Other herbs that work well and are worth planting around the home and yard for repelling spiders away are citronella, citrus trees, lavender bushes, rosemary bushes and ginger root plants. All plants you can find at any local landscaping store, greenhouse and home improvement store in the gardening section.

Spray Citrus Juices such as Lemon and Orange

As you know from reading the last few above paragraphs, spiders do not like citrus at all. This is why spraying citrus juices around areas of the home or garage where spiders are entering through can become useful.

Adding citrus peels of lemons, limes and oranges in these spots, helps keep spiders away too. Just make sure the citrus juices you use are freshly squeezed from citrus fruit yourself or organic fruit juices you get at the grocery store. Concentrated juices tend to have a lot of added sugar, which will still repel spiders away, but will not be as strong and could attract ants.

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth Powder around the Yard

Keeping spiders away from patio areas, gardens and off your property, in general, can happen with ease using food grade diatomaceous earth powder. It is harmless to humans and pets and is made from plankton skeletons ground up into a fine powder. The fine powder crystals are sharp to insects such as spiders and will kill them instantly, but in a natural manner that is not harmful to you, your pets or the environment.

You can find the food grade powder at any local farm animal feed store at a reasonable price. After, you just sprinkle the powder all over your yard, patio area and anywhere else, you want to keep spiders from in general. However, you should only use this natural method if killing spiders is not going to make you feel guilty or upset about doing so.

Place Essential Oil Diffusers around the Home

Essential oil diffusers made with some of the essential oils we discussed is another great natural option for repelling those creepy bugs away. You can make homemade diffusers yourself or you can purchase them at organic whole food shops in the home good section or at local herbal shops. To make homemade diffusers yourself you will need:

  • Diffuser Rods or Wooden Skewer Sticks
  • Tall Glass Containers or Jars
  • Essential Oils
  • Bottle of Vodka

To make the diffusers all you have to do is add 25 to 30 drops of essential oil to your container or jar of choice and fill that container half way full with vodka. After, place your rods or wooden skewer sticks into the solution and allow them to absorb some of it for an hour or two.

Next, flip the rods or wooden skewer sticks to the soaked ends placing the dry ends into the solution. After, you will have homemade scented diffusers to place all around your home to repel spiders away naturally.

Just make sure you use the essential oils from the list in this guide to repel the spiders away properly. Also, keep in mind, you will want to flip the rods weekly and fill your diffusers up with more vodka and essential oils on a monthly basis to keep them putting out a strong repelling fragrance. If you do not, you will have some unwanted visitors shortly afterwards.

Keep This in Mind when Repelling Spiders Naturally

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Keep in mind spiders are helpful and essential for keeping our eco-system balanced so killing them should only be an option when you are trying to prevent yourself from being bitten from a poisonous specious.

Using natural options to rid spiders away is safer for you and the environment so never resort to chemical pesticides that could end up causing more harm than good.

After all, the chances of you dying from a chemical pesticide over a spider bite is a lot higher and with all the antidotes available these days dying from a bite is unlikely unless you are in a jungle without a doctor near by.

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