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Do Pigeons Ever Fly at Night? Where do They Go & Do They Sleep at Night?

Do you have pigeons problem?CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! One question that many people coping with pigeons frequently ask is “Do pigeons fly at night?” Because pigeons are usually noticed during the daytime, it’s logical to assume that they are usually active during the day. This is usually true, unless they were […]

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Pigeon Deterrent Sprays, Spikes, Ultrasonic Sounds, Hawks & More

You can deter pigeons easily!CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! Pigeons are a terrible nuisance once they decide your home or place of business is a good place to roost. Pigeons tend to travel is large numbers, and a significant amount of any bird is going to produce unwanted smells and attract bugs. […]

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Safe Pigeon Poison – Pellets, Corn & Legal Considerations

You can deter and repel pigeons legally!CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! Pigeons are well known for being pests in the city. The pigeons roost on or even inside buildings where their nests become a huge problem with all droppings, nest materials and feathers. With the likelihood that they will spread diseases the […]

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How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Want to get rid of pigeons professionally?CLICK HERE TO GET FREE PEST CONTROL QUOTES! Pigeons can be a relentless nuisance for those who live in, or near, a city. They make themselves at home on windowsills and balconies, causing damage and leaving a mess wherever they go. In fact, pigeons are considered the number one […]

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