Raccoon Repellents – Deterring and Removing Raccoons

Raccoon Repellents

Raccoons may look like adorable fuzzy bandits with their little black eyes, round ears, tiny hand-like paws, and long cat-like tails and whiskers, but these mammals sure do like stirring up trouble when they can. You may already know how troubling these furry creatures can be if you hear them outside rocking your trashcans open, snacking on goodies left outside during camping trips, or trying to break into your home through the doggy door at nighttime to get a tasty nibble of food. If you are struggling with getting rid of these little furry bandits from your home or campsite the tips below will offer you some help.

Deterring and Removing Raccoons

Keep Garbage in Tightly Sealed Trash Cans inside the Garage of Shed

Leaving trash bags outside in the open with attract raccoons. Raccoons are carnivores. They will eat anything they can easily get their tiny paws on. Tearing a trash bag open takes very little effort for these creatures. Raccoons are highly intelligent beings. Even placing tightly sealed garbage bags into trashcans will not keep them out of your trash. In fact, raccoons are so smart they will get on top of the garbage can and try lifting the lids up or rocking the garbage disposal bin back and forth until the can finally falls over and open. This is why it is important too store garbage bags in sealed trashcans in an area raccoons have no access too such as the garage or shed.

Lock Doggy Doors at Nighttime or Eliminate Them

If raccoons have away of getting into a home at nighttime, they will. One of the ways raccoons seem to be sneaking into homes mostly is through doggy doors. Locking the doggy doors at nighttime or eliminating them will go a long ways to keeping these bandits from breaking into your home and stealing your pets food and your food from the kitchen table or counter top. This also means making sure any doors and windows to your home are closed off too at nighttime unless they are screened in. Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and love raising hell as soon as the sun goes down.

Want to remove raccoon from your house professionally?

Add Motion Sensor Lights to Your Yard or Campsite

Trying to keep raccoons out of your yard in the summertime to protect your gardens that they thoroughly enjoy dinning on, or from raising trouble at your campground is simple. All you have to do is consider installing motion sensor lights. Motion sensor lights tend to scare raccoons away and can prevent them from entering the areas of your yard or campsite you wish to keep them from hanging out in and causing trouble. Even using UV lights that automatically turn on at nighttime can help keep raccoons away. Although once in awhile, you do come across a few raccoons that are brave and could care less about any kinds of lights that pop on during then night, but this is when you go and install a motion sensor sprinkler system that will really scare the heck out of them when they try entering onto your property.

Place Ammonia Soaked Tennis Balls in Areas You Do Not Want the Creatures

You may find this next tip a bit strange, but raccoons hate the small of ammonia. All you have to do is soak tennis balls in ammonia and place the tennis balls any place you wish too prevent the raccoons getting into. For example, if raccoons are making their way into your attic and building a nest place them up their, but it is also important to block off any entrance way they are coming in through and remove the nest to prevent them from coming back. If the raccoons are hanging out in your crawl space, place the tennis balls in this area instead.

Spray Cayenne Pepper Solution around the Foundation of Your Home

Raccoons always use their nose to follow the scent of yummy food. One of the best ways to deter the fuzzy creatures away from your home is with a cayenne pepper solution. All you do is mix up a cup of cayenne pepper with a few gallons of water and spray the solution around the foundation of your home or around the areas; you desire to keep them from getting into. Some people even spray this solution around their gardens but do not spray the solution onto the fresh vegetables, fruits or herbs because the solution will change the flavor of the food for you. Sprinkling a little cayenne pepper powder into bird feeders to keep raccoons out of the bird seed is also another method that keeps them from getting into what you don’t want them getting into. Keep in mind the cayenne pepper will not harm the birds in anyway since birds have no taste buds, but if the feeders are there for squirrels and chipmunks these mammals will be affected because these creatures do taste all they eat with their tiny tongues.

Call Animal Patrol

If the raccoons in your yard or campsite are foaming from the mouth or are visiting during the day it is extremely important you call animal patrol to come remove them in a professional manner. Raccoons can carry rabies and other dangerous diseases that can be deadly too humans. It is also essential you call animal patrol when your raccoon situation is out of control and you do not know how to rid them from the area you desire them to be gone from safely. Calling in a raccoon removal service is also wise when you have these mammals building nest within your home or place of business. Trying to rid them yourself could wind up getting you bit or ill.

The Least You Need To Know

For the most part, raccoons are not aggressive animals and are easy to deter with the methods mentioned. The best way to keep them away is too keep your grass mowed, yards clean, trash stores away properly and entrance ways into a home sealed shut properly including crawl spaces, garages and attics. After all, you want to keep your family safe and these creatures safe.

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