The BEST Sparrow Traps (Top Reviews, Trap Effectiveness & Control Tips)

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We will show you some of the best sparrow traps—both homemade and manufactured sparrow traps—and discuss some pros and cons of different kinds of sparrow traps. We will also share some sparrow prevention tips since you probably prefer to spend as little time as possible trapping and releasing sparrows.

What is a sparrow?

A sparrow is a small short plump looking bird with short tails and powerful stout beaks. Male feathers tend to be brightly colored and their heads are grey with white cheeks. Female sparrows tend to look different. They have more of a simpler look to them appearing grey and brown all over in color.

The sparrow was introduced into Brooklyn New York in 1851. They were also introduced into San Francisco and Salt Lake City in the 1870s. Sparrows were brought to this country to try and control the increasing insect population, but that backfired on us.

Instead, sparrows started to destroy crops and fruit trees. Sparrows are also known for contaminating the food and water sources of live stocks along with consuming them, which is why farmers and maybe even you find them to be pests.

These birds are also known to transmit many disease and parasites to not only livestock, but pets and humans too. Sparrows are now one of the most common birds around in North America, although less common in Alaska and Northern Canada.

Knowing where these birds like living and what they love eating helps control their population and keep them at bay, but sometimes traps are necessary to help control these feathery nuisances.

What is the habitat of a sparrow?

Sparrows have been living very closely to people for centuries. The reason why is they tend to look for easy nesting opportunities along with easy access to food, water and nesting resources.

You can often find sparrows in cities, towns, suburbs, and on farms near livestock as you have just learned. Counterintuitively, it is less common to find sparrows out in the woodlands, forests, or grasslands because the environment is simply to0 harsh for them to thrive in.

With this being said, sparrows have a tendency to drive away other birds that we as people enjoy, which is one more reason people looks for sparrow removal methods. Not to mention all of the other damaging things that sparrows are capable of doing. 

So help you the guide below on traps will provide you with some helpful information on sparrow traps that are beneficial for controlling the sparrow situations you may be dealing with around you home, business, garden, farm or crops.

What are effective steps to keep Sparrows away?

  • Do not place nesting boxes on your property. If you would like a nesting box to encourage other birds to nest there then try buying the pvc nesting box instead. For some reason, sparrows are less fond of these kinds.
  • Discourage sparrows from feeding on your property. You can simply buy birdseed that is less desirable to them. For example, black oiled sunflower seed and thistle seeds are some types to try using instead.
  • Do not buy bird seed that is high in milo, millet, and cracked corn because this will only attract sparrows to your yard.
  • Do not attract sparrows with bread crumbs or any kind of bakery items. These are some of sparrows’ favorite kinds of food because it is easier for them to eat.

What are some different types of sparrow traps?

The two most common sparrow traps are a nesting box trap and a ground trap. A nesting box trap is typically used for catching one sparrow or a pair. Ground traps are more commonly used for catching a bigger amount of sparrows.

Here is a list of different types of traps that you can use.

Sparrow Trap Door

This is considered one of the most humane traps. It’s basically a box that has give away flooring. Once the sparrow sits on the perch it will become trapped in the box. You must bait this trap with food the sparrows like in order to attract the sparrows inside.

Universal Sparrow Trap

This trap you screw onto the inside of your nesting box once the bird is inside. Then it closes the entrance shut and keeps the sparrow trapped.

Repeating Sparrow Trap

This sparrow trap is a ground trap. It looks very much like a cage. You basically bait the trap with bird seeds, breadcrumbs, and water. It is good to have a decoy bird placed in the trap to help lure the sparrows into it.

Two Door Cage Sparrow Trap

This trap is another ground trap. It catches one to two birds at a time. Again, traps like this work best with bait.

Too much work to remove the sparrows yourself? Get professional help!

Where can you purchase sparrow traps?

You can purchase different traps and variations of ground and nesting box traps at most gardening stores and home improvement shops in the gardening sections. Basically, you just have to find the one that works best for you and your circumstances.

Sparrow Trivia

Although, these birds can be pesky here are some fun facts to know:

  • Sparrows love taking dust baths and do so frequently.
  • They are known to aggressively defend their nest and have attacked up to 70 different species of birds.
  • Sparrows are known for frequently stealing food from the American Robin.
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